Use for pre-flight WX information

  • Pilot in the U.S. here. This would be a great visual tool for preflight planning! Of course, I would call flight service station and use the NOAA website for more extensive weather data, but how recent can the program obtain weather data? Wouldn't make sense to use weather data from 6 hours ago for a flight. :P It would just be a cool resource that is aesthetically pleasing compared to the archaic feel of the NOAA website.

  • Also sorry if I haven't done enough digging on the program so far. I am assuming some of data gathered are also METARs? Are multiple data sources being used to produce the results?

  • Administrator

    Windyty shows the most recent data from GFS/ECMWF/NAM/NEMS available.
    GFS and NAM calculations start periodically at 00, 06, 12, 18 UTC.
    ECMWF and NEMS calculations start at 00 and 12 UTC.
    Data files are processed and visualised on Windyty as soon as they are published by their providers. It is usually 6-7 hours from start of the computation.
    Sentence "Updated x hours ago" in infobox may be confusing, because it refers to start of the computation not the time of data publication.

  • Administrator

    @htisaksen Metars are processed and displayed separately.

    • When you click on the airport, you can check METAR information.
    • If you know ICAO code of the airport, type it into search box and you will get the same result.
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