If ever MS Community answered I'd die. 3D Flying Objects will not work, others do!

  • I have a HP Pavilion desktop. It started like as 8, then 8.1, then 10 and since there has been 2 major updates that took a long time. One was today. However the problem didn't start today. I hadn't bothered with screensavers for a long time. Then I decided I wanted to run one. My fav was 3D Flying Objects. I downloaded it from a site found. Installed it in Windows and it shows and you can change settings and everything, even Preview. But it will not come on. The cunundrum is that all the preinstalled screensavers work. Including the 3D Text which can swirl, tumble, do backflips and all. But this 3D Flying Objects will not. Any brainiacs there that can give me some reasons why? Considering others are working? Thanks much! jack ":-Dx

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