Map borders and land not showing up.

  • I recently implemented WindyTy into some of our forecast excel sheets. You simply press a button, and the excel sheet makes a URL based off of coordinates in the sheet, which then opens WindyTy. It works fine, but in the past week, we suddenly can no longer see geographical or international boundaries. US States, country lines, land masses, shore lines, etc. It's just a map with weather data and nothing else.

    Stranger still is that we have one computer in our office that the website works fine on and loads all the map features, but all of the other computers will not load any map features. Even if I just type in and go to the website without using our excel sheet, the features do not load.

    I can replicate this on Chrome or IE, which are the browsers we use in our office. Is this an issue with having an outdated version of a web browser? I know on Chrome, our office blocks the windyty forum if you click 'About' from the map, but I can access it if I do a Google search. The map pin on the screen shot should be the US East Coast, alongshore New York.

    EDIT: Just checked, it works fine from my home PC. Is it possible the map layer is being blocked by my company's firewall?


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