Get Your Boards, Planes and Sails Ready. The Windytv iOS App is Out.

  • Prague, Czech Republic, November 1, 2016: The long anticipated release of the Windytv iOS app is finally here! Starting now, you can visit the App Store and download the free Windytv app directly to your iPhone.

    With breathtaking wind displays and striking weather pattern views, Windytv’s users will enjoy this app just as much as the desktop version, but now can view it easily throughout their adventure. Immediate access to Windytv is incredibly beneficial to the most adventurous of sportsmen! Check the Windytv app while on the go, and see if you should skip your morning meeting to hit the rifling waves, fuel up your aircraft for a weekend flight or strap the kayak onto your car and head to the water next week.

    Windytv is particularly useful to those using the app for specialized forecasts. Not only does it provide especially accurate data, there are more in-depth and detailed options than the average weather app, such as altitude adjustments, detailed airport runway information and multiple data source options. In the detailed location forecast users can view many webcams in the vicinity to get a clear view of the actual weather at that exact spot. Not to mention, an incredibly user-friendly interface allows you to use it comfortably and quickly, one-handed.

    The Windytv Android app has experienced great success with adventurers all over the globe. It has received over 500,000 downloads and a 4.7 rating, the highest in the weather category. The iOS app shares mostly the same features of the Android app, including: multiple overlays, unit options, specific location forecast and airport location details. The awesome news is that, unlike the Android version, this version of the iOS app will include the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) model, which provides the highest resolution and most accurate forecast available.

    With a large following of loyal users who can attest to the benefit and assistance that this weather service provides, this app is exactly what every person needs to have on their phone for their next big outdoor adventure. Windytv receives messages from its fans regularly, telling the story of how this forecast tool helped them avoid dangerous weather along cross-atlantic journeys, flights across multiple countries and even hunters setting out into the hills for a big hunt.

    Windytv now has one goal and one purpose, to build the best weather forecast available. This exciting app brings Windytv one step closer to that goal by giving their users easy and convenient access to invaluable weather details, at their fingertips.

    Download the full press release at this link.

  • This is absolutely fantastic - thank you!

    It looks like the app is primarily for the iPhone - any idea when it will support the iPad?

    Thanks again for an amazing product and app!

  • | Premium

    Thanks! The iPad app will come in next year.

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