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    We gather data from more than 30.000 weather stations. They fall into one of this category:

    WMO stations

    Professional weather stations run by government agencies. Stations report weather observed in the form of SYNOP codes usually once in an hour, and even less. The latest observation is available sometimes quite late after measurement. The quality of observation is very high. Each station is identified by file number code, for example 11518 is Prague Ruzyne.


    Professional weather stations run by airport operators. Airports report observed weather in the form of METAR codes usually once in an hour or less, and the observation is available to us immediately. The quality of observation is very high. Big airports report the same weather also in the form of SYNOPs (in other words there are "two stations" at the same place). Each airport is identified by four-letter ICAO code, for example LKPR represents airport in Prague.

    Corporate and enthusiasts weather stations

    Small weather stations, connected to the Internet and run by companies or individuals, we interest in meteorology. They report observation quite often (usually every 5 minutes), and quality is reasonably good. A lot of them have wind sensor, but it can be (in many cases) placed in the wrong location.

    Personal Weather Stations

    You can send the data from your station to Windy, just register your station at - https://stations.windy.com. We are now supporting several Stations manufacturer and 3rd party providers.

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