TimeStamp of displayed data

  • Hello and thanks for the grate api.
    I have notice that windytv api, select closet time to the one set with W.setTimestamp method.
    RedrawFinished returns displayedParams params object.
    Here we have a timestamp but that one is the requested on and not the value of loaded data.
    I'm using W.timeline.path2date(displayedParams.path) to get loaded data timestamp, is that correct?

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    @kappu72 Can you please post here the resulted object from displayedParams?

  • I think you can reproduce, I did this:
    from developer console I overwrite redrawFinished event adding a console.log
    W.on('redrawFinished',function( displayedParams ) {
    state.innerHTML = new Date( displayedParams.timestamp ).toString();
    Then I pull the range component to its max value, this is the result:
    "acTime": "next24h",
    "dataLoading": -1,
    "filename": "wind",
    "fullPath": "https://www.windytv.com/gfs/2016/12/20/12/wind-surface.jpg?0900",
    "gridName": "wind",
    "historical": false,
    "lastModified": 1481241657344,
    "level": "surface",
    "map": {
    "east": -80.0244140625,
    "eastRad": -1.3966895073698762,
    "height": 500,
    "lat": 36,
    "lon": -102,
    "north": 44.37098696297173,
    "northRad": 0.774419814863336,
    "source": "maps",
    "south": 26.62781822639305,
    "southRad": 0.46474310067311553,
    "west": -123.96972656249999,
    "westRad": -2.1636799013126966,
    "width": 1000,
    "x": 0,
    "xMax": 1000,
    "y": 0,
    "yMax": 500,
    "zoom": 5
    "model": "gfs",
    "overlay": "wind",
    "path": "2016/12/20/12",
    "product": "gfs",
    "server": "https://www.windytv.com/",
    "sstTime": "2015/01",
    "tileZoom": 0,
    "timestamp": 1482256800000

    If you notice path is "path": "2016/12/20/12", while "timestamp": 1482256800000
    if I transform this with new Date( 1482256800000).toString(); the result is
    "Tue Dec 20 2016 19:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)" that is what range components shows as current date.

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    @kappu72 said in TimeStamp of displayed data:

    Here you have UTC time of forecast

    "path": "2016/12/20/12"

  • Thanks, that what I needed.

  • @kappu72 said in TimeStamp of displayed data:


    Hi there! I'm triying to personalize my timeline with days and hours can you help me to do it?

    Can u send me some more information and code how to do it?

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