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  • hi ,
    please open up windows app for windytv. i would love to use this app in my windows phone.
    and one more thing would like to bring to your notice.. please make corrections in the map shown in your website. jammu kashmir part was shown in other country border.
    ravi, india0_1481616415724_map.gif
    91 939 4450 0160_1481616480817_map.gif

  • Global Moderator

    We are aware of the fact that in some places in the world, many have unsolved land disputes. Kashmir is one of them.
    As our service is growing the number of emails requesting border changes is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, as a small company, it is not in our power to change every disputed border.

    We are adopting the map's layers from the Open Street Maps community. Therefore I suggest, if you would like to propose a border change you need to approach OSM directly, you can do this at

  • Hi @TomSlavkovsky , OSM licence requile attribuition on map, please add attribuition on map.

  • Global Moderator

    @Yoshi, thanks for reminding us, we will add it.

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