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  • hi ,
    please open up windows app for windytv. i would love to use this app in my windows phone.
    and one more thing would like to bring to your notice.. please make corrections in the map shown in your website. jammu kashmir part was shown in other country border.
    ravi, india0_1481616415724_map.gif
    91 939 4450 0160_1481616480817_map.gif

  • Administrator

    We are aware of the fact that in some places in the world, many have unsolved land disputes. Kashmir is one of them.
    As our service is growing the number of emails requesting border changes is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, as a small company, it is not in our power to change every disputed border.

    We are adopting the map's layers from the Open Street Maps community. Therefore I suggest, if you would like to propose a border change you need to approach OSM directly, you can do this at

  • Hi @TomSlavkovsky , OSM licence requile attribuition on map, please add attribuition on map.

  • Administrator

    @Yoshi, thanks for reminding us, we will add it.

  • Hello, after 21 months your map still lack the attribution. Could you kindly respect OpenStreetMap terms of use?

    Thank you

  • Hello!

    My name is Nikolay, I draw OpenStreeMap.

    you made an excellent service, but violate the rules of using Openstreetmap

    I noticed that you are using tiles with OSM data from

    According to the terms of use of OSM, you must specify a reference to the data source

    We demand that you use the credit "© OpenStreetMap contributors".

    For a browsable electronic map, the credit should appear in the corner of the map.

    see more here

    I hope you stop violating the terms of use of openstreetmap

    Nikolay Petrov,
    openstreetmap contributor

  • After an answer on December 2016 noboby neither took action nor answer to the new requests to attribute OpenStreetMap map.
    This is pretty outrageous to the OpenStreetMap community.
    Please STOP this violations. I'm going to alert again the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

  • Administrator

    Fixed on web, not in apps yet

  • Administrator

  • Astronomer

    Hi, im allso an openstreetmap contributor I use windy a lot and you have a grate service but this issue is not fixed in mobile web version yet. I don't understand why this isn't fixed yet. Please correct it.

  • Hi, I’m also an OpenStreetMap contributor. You make a beautiful map, but your attribution violates our licensing terms. The required attribution is "© OpenStreetMap contributors", not the way you have. Also, the text is way too small and barely readable.

    A font size of 8 px with a high transparency - do you see that in our work? So small, so disappearing? I feel that this insufficient attribution is without respect. Please correct that.

    openstreetmap contributor

  • hello team windy!
    I've just learnt about your service, which is smart!
    After I realized you are using OpenStreetMap data (by finding mountain paths that I created for OSM) I had to spend quite some time to find the attribution.
    I do not find this minimal (and actually wrong) attribution fair!
    Please correct that to reasonable standards!
    Regards, Marcus (MerDi)

  • So, I just found your site and generally like it.
    But, especially as I am a contributor to Open Street Map for years, I am really disappointed that you take my work and that of many others and treat that with disrespect.
    There are simple to follow guidelines on how to get the attribution right. And if you cannot follow that, you are actually leeching off our contributions.

    Please do show the common courtesy and get the attribution right.
    Since you have been informed about lapses in this since 2016, I think you do not really care about a vast group of contributors. As long as you do not get that part right, you should feel ashamed of yourselves.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Administrator

    @mcmer @drhayes Thank you for your warning and sorry for the current situation. Wrong attribution is not intention, but misunderstanding. We will make a new release as soon as possible which will fix that. We respect the OSM Contributors and we are grateful for their work.

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