Send us your Windytv Adventure Stories!

  • Our users often send us their amazing stories of accomplishment, and exclaim how Windytv helped them in their journey. We love these stories and always want to receive more, as each story seems to be so diverse and interesting.

    Here at the Windytv office it brightens our day to hear how our weather forecast tool (which we love dearly) assists people around the world.

    So, let me take a moment to encourage all of you with a Windytv worthy story to please share it with us. We can then share it with other users in our community and experience them together.

    Email me at with your story, how you used Windytv in this journey, and any beautiful images that highlight this effort.

    Here are some questions that might guide your story along…

    About you:
    What is your sport/adventure of choice? And how long have you been doing it?
    What is your favorite season? Why?
    What is your life philosophy?
    What are you passionate about?
    Do you have any major accomplishments that you want to brag about?
    Is there a specific time that Windytv really helped you?

    About us:
    Do you use the desktop version, the Android/iOS app or both? What is your favorite and why?
    When and how do you use Windytv?
    How long have you been using Windytv?
    Which is your favorite layer?
    What weather model (ECMWF or GFS) works best for you?
    Why do you love Windytv?

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