Description of weather overlays

  • @idefix37 It was released quickly because of the current hurricanes and typhoons. Probably some adjustments will be made and we will also add the description.

  • Sailor

    Sorry the announcement was in the next post !

  • Sailor

    Today there are 2 storm tracks in the North Atlantic:
    One is the track of Helene. The second one, it seems impossible to identify what makes it
    (Note that the tracks are black on my screen because I changed the wind colour settings: strong winds are black for me)


    On this track there is e.g. 154km/h at this point: N 57º16’ W16º36’.
    If the time slider is moved over the 10 days there are only 2 maximum at the same point: 95km/h on Wednesday and 104km/h on Sunday.
    So, how is it possible to have 154km/h and what is the explanation of this narrow track when there is no localised storm?

  • @idefix37 Hi, is it still there? Maybe it is a bug, I will look at it, but the computation is pretty straightforward.

  • Sailor

    Today there is no similar strange track. I have checked one or two tracks in the North Atlantic. They seem to correspond correctly to the max. gusts predicted in the same area once during the 10 days.
    A suggestion: sometime the track is due to a strong wind at day 8 or 9. For people it will be difficult to understand why they see this storm track if the strong winds are forecasted at near the end of the 10 days.
    So, instead to show the wind speed in the picker, may be it would be better to show the date when the max. gust is expected ?

  • @idefix37 We will consider it, but for our user interface it would be better to add 3/5/10 range selector like in rain accumulation.

  • @tz
    Totally agree!
    I suggest "wind accumulation" to include only 3 and 5 days range.
    Inaccuracies beyond day 5, are big.
    Even NHC, tracks hurricanes up to day 5.

  • @tz sagte in [Beschreibung von Wetter-Overlays] (/ post / 7549):> @IgorXXXmirror Hallo, 100m Schicht oben Modell Gelände.

  • @sonnigekerstin I would like to know how to decode the cloud symbols on the meteogram. Most are obvious, however some less so. For example, the four stacked horizontal gray horizontal lines? thanks

  • Sailor

    These lines correspond to altitude levels. They allow to know the altitude of the clouds shown on the Meteogram.


    • 700h means 700hPa. This altitude is expressed as atmospheric pressure level.

    • 3km is the altitude in metric

    • FL100 is used by aviation as flight level. FL100 correspond to 10000ft level.


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