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  • @Henrique-Barbosa that is the you first enter the website.

  • Hi, Ivo. The app continues to improve, and the windspeed stays in the increments I choose now. I don't know if 'Enable 3D view' is supposed to give the global view I and another mentioned, but it doesn't appear to do anything when I click it. Besides the global view, the only other feature I find myself missing is the option, when I change times, to 'View actual forecast'. Not too difficult to work around, but it was a handy feature. I like the slider for moving between views, and the ease with which views can be added and removed, among other things. I read the FAQ regarding the 'CAPE' view and I think that'll be interesting when I have a chance to do a little research and better understand the underlying mechanisms of what it's telling me. Your explanation gave me the gist of it and you've piqued my interest. Thanks again, and have an excellent week.

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    Uploaded new version with a lot of BUGfixes and lot of suggestions included

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    @Henrique-Barbosa Well purpose of WindyTV in MAP. You can always open detail with forecast by clicking on a map.

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    @Bruce-Gaynham Could you reproduce this bug? It is important to reproduce it.

  • Would be nice if the height bar is hidable for all the people out there who don´t left the surface ;)

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    Zoom-out (double click right mouse button) doesn't work. On it does.
    I tested latest Firefox and Chrome.

  • Hey Ivo,

    as a pilot and hobby meteorologist I really love windyty (or well, windytv now ;) ).

    However, with some parts of the beta I'm really happy, with some I'm not quite comfortable:

    Negative ones first:

    1. The absence of the global view:
      The Mercator Projection which has taken the place of the global view is a big step backwards. It may be good for relatively small areas, but if you zoom out into a view of half the planet, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. It is a cylindrical projection of a sphere on a flat surface, it is true to an area at the equator but gets increasingly distorted towards the poles. That being said, the projection is distorting the view on global weather data in a very unrealistic way. If, for example, a low pressure area, of which we assume that its size remains unchanged over time forms at the equator and moves in a straight line northwards (just as an example), the new windyty map will show it greatly increasing in size as it's moving away from the equator. As this is giving an entirely wrong impression of the true global weather, the Mercator Projection is not an alternative for the global view.

    2. Pixelation:
      When I look at the non-beta-windyty in a zoomed-out view, I get a very clear and smooth map for the winds. In the beta however, there is a lot of pixelation, which makes the map seem much less high-quality (see attached screenshot). I don't know if this is a bug or just a beta-phenomenon, but for me one of the special features of windyty are the high-resolution, high-quality graphics that make it so smooth and easy to use.

    3. Menu:
      When I go to the settings menu via the three horizontal bars, I can't seem to 'go back' to the standard menu where I can choose settings, location, distance measuring etc., so when I'm in the settings menu and want to go to distance measuring, I have to exit the menu via the 'X'-button, click on the three bars and then I can go to the next menus. Adding a 'back'-arrow would make this easier to use.

    4. non-liquid animation:
      While the non-beta-windyty slowly blends in the new maps going forward on the time bar, the beta jumps hard from one picture to another, which takes the smooth impression away.

    Now the positive things:

    1. New weather forecast:
      I really love the new weather forecast. Having all the days in one line makes it easy to see large or even small changes in temperature and wind over time.

    2. Overlay menu:
      It's really nice that I am now able to customize the overlays to those I need, so I can hide those I don't really need. However, it might be a bit of a confusing menu if you're a new user and not used to the functions of windyty.

    Thanks for making such a great website! :)



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    @blurspot Thx for comments I read them carefully

  • Hi! @ivo, My name is Emanuel Valdés, I work in the Chilean environmental ministry. I've been writing emails to @TomSlavkovsky , because we are very interested in hire your services to improve one of our websites. I would apreciate a lot if you could get in touch with me as soon as possible, my e-mail is I'll be pending on your answer. Thanks!

  • I've been using the beta for a week and the more I use it the more I like it.

    Here's an example of using the GFS PWAT field to plan a ski trip in California - after today's "Atmospheric River" event clears east, the weather people are talking about a "Mango Connection" for next week. Do they just make this stuff up? Anyhow, the PWAT field shows the moisture plume getting sucked towards Vancouver by a low off Seattle on Monday, but it gets redirected right towards my local hills near Lake Tahoe by Wednesday.



    Knowing the plume source and it's shape tells me that I don't want to be there at the beginning of the storm because it's probably going to be raining - but as it mixes later with the cold air coming from Canada it's going to turn into another monster Tahoe dumpage fest.

  • Just used the new version for the first time and so far I like it. I use it mostly for sailing, and really like the showing of Lat & Lon when clicking on a map as it allows for exact location.

  • Hello great job so far and thank you. I'm a paraglider pilot, and its just awesome to use.
    Great idea to enhance it with the lanching sites.
    What about indicating on the map the take off acceptable wind directions ?
    You could use a circle with two lignes around the paraglider logo ?
    That way it makes possible to have a quick analyse off our possibilities.
    It would be awesome.
    Best regards.

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    @Herrmann-Mathieu Good idea

  • All I see is an empty map here at my office desktop running IE 11. Not sure if the "wind" data gets blocked by the firewall or....old version works fine.

  • @jhnelson24 Works fine on my mobile however. So not sure if the new method for pushing across wind lines gets caught in firewall or not if it is IE.
    Will try other browsers

  • Works perfect on Chrome. Must be an IE 11 thing...

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    @jhnelson24 Trying to find out IE11 bug. Quite shitty browser

  • Hi Guys.
    Good idea to open a bug forum for this beta.
    Globally this preview is working well.
    I noticed a bug with the ruler tool when crossing the 180° antimeridian.
    Wind particles look faster/more fluid but my CPU gets warmer compared with previous version. I'm running on desktop computer/Mac/Chrome/Wind Layers.

  • Coming. Not comming.

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