Windytv 10 Public Preview

  • @Ken fixed

  • @mittal_s API is jist API no menu

  • @blurspot AS A meteorologist I agree that the global spherical coordinate projection is very useful and provides a handy way to visualize the airflow in proper perspective. When looking at the general circulation the N Polar view is great. It also shows the recent warm advection across the Arctic quite dramatically. I think it useful to have the option to switch from Mercator to spherical projections. Windy TV is very powerful and useful. Keep up the great work. I like the NAM5km model for the US. It has the detailed airflow over mountains needed to capture precipitation in the Western US.

  • @ivo![1_1484778796562_IMG_0115.PNG](Uploading 1%) ![0_1484778796560_IMG_0114.PNG](Uploading 1%)

  • Hi Ivo and team!
    It was great when the card was spherical. Now I can't turn on that view (((
    I want to suggest some improvements:

    • to add a phisical map surface layer to -> item like mountains, hills, flatlands and valleys with their names (for example ), to see an influence of relief on wheather like wind or temperature, for education purposes. Current layer is like political map;
    • when we set a mark to any point (where is a button "Forecast for this location") to see an accuracy data of current layer at this point, would be more readable to add a graph diagram of this parameter above calendar slider.

  • Administrator

    @Andrey Just click on you fav icon, it should open detail.

  • @ivo
    "fav icon" is in yellow edge?
    I've seen it! It's cool!!!
    But I've suggested improvements to make Winditv more amazing and impressive.

  • Guest said:

    @Ken fixed

    What is the lowest rainfall amount that the maps now show? The lowest value on the scale still shows up as 1.5mm

  • @Ken said in Windytv 10 Public Preview:


    Actually disregard, I just tested it on a few locations within very light precip areas and it looks like the threshold is now around 0.2mm or so. Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Scroll wheel issue.

    The zoom feature seems to respond to the number of lines scrolled when the scroll wheel is used. This shouldn't happen. Clicking the scroll wheel one click should do the same thing as hitting the + or - sign in the top-right corner. If you have your mouse settings set to scroll, say, 6 lines per click you seem to get about the same zoom as hitting the + or - sign 6 times. It should just be the same as hitting it one time.

    It has always been this way. I just never noticed before that the + and - signs had reasonable jumps in zoom because I always used the scroll wheel and got very unreasonable jumps.

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