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  • Hi, long time Windity paraglider user here.

    The new engine is nice, not 100% CPU fan anymore!

    In the bottom, I have no idea how did I change from the 2 different timelines. I still don't know how to change back.

    The right side is super confusing.

    1. State: tiny bar, no idea why I'm "sliding" continuously between 5-6 distinct states.
    2. Big bar - wind, wind gusts, etc. - really nice
    3. Big bar - Display on map
    4. Big bar - Settings, etc.

    Again, no idea how to change between the 4 states, it is really quite confusing.

    So the bottom and the right side UI is confusing, but overall the engine / technology is a super nice update!

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    Wow! What a wonderful speed boost. It's impressive that I select a different item from the menu and it is displayed nearly immediately. I also like the new menu design.

    Request: Please find a way to put the zoom in/out back in the upper right corner where all the other features are accessed.

  • Same two problems as before:

    Wind speed range doesn't scale to match data. Even if I have 60m/s wind speed locations displayed, 30m/s is as high as the color scale goes. This means 60m/s and 10m/s look the same on the map.

    Play speed (lower-left - changing which prediction time period is displayed automatically) is both way too slow and uncontrollable. I usually want 5x, and sometimes want 25x.

    Thank you.

  • I am a Bering Sea fisherman and use Windyty to help make fishing decisions. Thanks

  • Much better than the previous version!
    The color of the clouds may not be very good.
    But this a beta version ;-)
    On the other hand, the menus are really good and the possibilities even more numerous

  • Nice but I still can't find the way to delete previously searched places. And like the previous version, when scrolling the map, it sometimes zooms automatically.

  • why does the distance line stop before reaching the point 2?0_1482426848133_Screen 1.tiff

  • The app is much faster and the menu layout is good. Testing on Samsung Note software 5.0.1
    Will continue testing.

  • I would like to see the graphic on the lower right corner that displays waves, temps, etc, double in size. the current display is rather small even on my 27" monitor. Love the other new changes!

  • The new interface is a definite visual and performance improvement - thank you!

    For flying, please can you make the following improvement to the "Distance and Planning" tool:

    In addition to "bearing" and "distance (Nm)", please include the average wind speed and the average wind direction along the path - see image below:


    Without this I need to drop a pin/flag and move it along the path while trying to visually determine the average wind speed and the average wind direction.

    This addition would make a phenomenal difference!

  • I did a search for a couple of locations in Germany. Either the names (Schlangenbad, Bad Schwalbach) don't exist in the relevant database or a location markes just doesn't show up. Further, the Bad Schwalbach search changed the overall map view to the southern hemisphere. The bar on the right side of the screen looks like a work in progress. No blame attaches. :)

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  • Hi Ivo, we are using you as we sail around the globe, beta looks good speed increase apprceiated as we are mostly low bandwidth, would love to have zoom function on keyboard + -
    Would it be crazy to try and feed a GPS position into windyty rather than using the IP address?
    Just a thought.

  • Looks great love it!

    Another awesome feature would be to add bar charts/graphs for the swell and wave data.

    Is there a way to disable the scroll / zoom function when embedding the code onto a page?

  • I am not a fan of the white labels indicating the settings always being visible on the right of the screen.

    Also, spot snow accumulation changes with zoom level.

  • As a user for the past 6 months, I prefer the Beta version much better, I like the quick access menu on the right, wondering if it is possible to have multiple forecast layers on at the same time such as wind speed and rainfall. Also possible to add is control speed of the loop when played. Also add some more colours for bars such as the wind when it reaches over 100km/h+ otherwise its a tick for me.

    But I have immediately seen a more smoother process, the old version slowed my Laptop down but this version does not.

  • After using some time I came across few points.

    1. There are boundary issues near coasts for currents and SST.
    2. There are some blanking of data in some zoom level in currents and SST.
    3. Cursor query gave wrong sea temp for me.

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    @kumara.300 Thx for valuable feedback

  • Please bring back the height option like the old version.0_1482480739593_upload-6336fe69-b4e7-4faa-b19f-ed73170a9cb7

  • Very nice version, however as with the last version, the forecast location needs to have a lock on it so it will not move. Many times I have had the forecast location move or disappear when moving the map with the hand or enlarging the map to see incoming wind and rain from the sea. Very frustrating to have to zoom in and re-acquire the location over and over. But I like the new version!

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