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  • Have opened it twice now and am not getting any animated data.

  • Good work! Did some testing and:
    Seems the overlay colour legend does not get updated once the colour scheme is saved or tested. It does update if clicked on and the unit changes. Besides, on bft setting there are double legend entries and I think the old colour scheme was better.

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    @greyeagle Thx for input

  • Another thing:
    I think when clicking on a search result, the application used to zoom in to the location some so it would be in good view. Either this is a setting or it does not work in the new version. I think this is what people are used to from the major map applications however.

  • Very nice. Could you add:
    (a) =/0 keyboard input for zoom in/out
    (b) QPF overlay - very useful for planning skiing and sailing when Western US is subject to "atmospheric rivers" from Hawaii
    (c) Maybe hi-res (4k) GFS when zoomed in, or is that too much data?

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    @fogmachine There is no 4k GFS data. What is is QPF?

  • @ivo my bad - confused w/ satellite imagery; meant the GFS 0.25 degree model.

    QPF is Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts like what we get from - but since you already have rain/snow add an overlay of the PWAT field from the "entire atmosphere (considered as a single layer)" layer to give a good idea where/how much moisture is and what could happen if the model is off by a few degrees.

  • Hi,
    I use it on my tablet. And it works great! Much faster indeed. And i can learn more about the weather, because of the good presentation
    Maybe you can later include air pollution data.
    For example a long arrow which shows where the air originates and a color to indicate the pollution addition. For the last day or two. Of course you need to know the position of the viewer.

    Here they are building an open source data platform for air pollution

    Thanks Arthur

  • Hi Ivo.

    Firstly let me say I love WindyTy. :-)

    Going to be a critic of the new version straight off the mark. Hope you don't mind.

    I am actually finding the beta a bit slower...but I am on mobile net tether.....not a LAN broadband.

    I like the global version better. If it is possible to change the beta to global view (rather than map view) I did not find it yet.
    Lately because of the global warming debate I have become fascinated by polar and upper level winds and to be able to look at the Earth straight down on the poles gives an amazing new insight of winds to me.

    I think the new icons and legends are to the web version at least. I also found the old style less confusing to select.

    Also liked the older colour layout more...with less contrast. New colours almost hurt my eyes ;-)....but it is nice that we can change that feature.

    Ok...I get back in my box now and try the beta out some more.

    Would love to have temp, wind rain anomilies too.....but yes that is a major stretch.

  • Hi Again Ivo.

    Would be nice if we could still select swell period separately.....and even 2nd (smaller swell).
    These are important to surfers.
    You may be able to work in with the guy who runs
    He turns out some great surf forecasts....and seems to be a very chill guy.


  • @luglidz said in Windytv 10: Get the private beta access (To access this thread you need to login):

    I miss the Meteoblue Airgrams. For me as a paragliding pilot the Airgrams offer valuable information about wind and temperature in altitude. Please include them!

    I miss airgrams too and would really appreciate some kind of aerological graphs (like i.e.). Not every pilot has an engine ;)

  • @manana If you want aerological graphs, you can do one thing for it:
    Please bring more people to this forum, and tell them to ask for the aerological graphs too.
    When we see that some feature is really demanded, we will implement it.
    This forum is the right place to discuss about new features.

  • I agree, foot launch pilots not only use this for real life planning but for research for future use ie if the weather is doing x at y feet, what is the speed and direction at z feet.


  • @francoisnosten - I noticed this too - crossing 180deg longitude with any sort of measurement (e.g. spot measurement of winds) results in no data.

  • Just started trying the Beta. I notice you're open to suggestions about color schemes for the various metrics. Here's some of what I've learned about that over the years: There is a real art to doing this well - I've built complex graphics for visual data analytics several times, using different methods. my favorite is a seven-color scale (where you can get away with that little resolution): Low Critical - Magenta, Low Warning - Blue, Nominal - Green, High Warning - Yellow, High Critical - Red, Old /Possibly unreliable data - Gray about 20% off BG color. You can get away with squeezing a few more colors in there, but not too many. One of the issues with this is that although it's relatively "stoplight intuitive", it's tough on colorblind users (nearly 10% of population), esp. since red-green is the most common type, so confusion there can be really dangerous. If you want a tool to help you play with and explore some more complicated schemes to convey different kinds of info and even check for colorblind-safeness, check out (Note that you may want the "diverging" option for many of your color schemes...) I wish there was a way to specify the baseline schemes to modify, but most of what's there is decent as a starting place, if not always the most attractive aesthetically. Hope this helps!

  • I can not find full screen mode ..

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    @Maris-Kalejs Fullscreen mode is part of your Internet browser

  • @ivo dedicated button would be great

  • @ivo Depends on your browser - there's some slight benefit to putting this in the app...

  • Using iPad iOS 10.1,

    The altitude slider could be moved INSIDE the side tray to allow for easier use.

    Unable to attach screenshot ERROR 413 (too large)???

    Great program!

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