Windytv 10 Public Preview

  • All I see is an empty map here at my office desktop running IE 11. Not sure if the "wind" data gets blocked by the firewall or....old version works fine.

  • @jhnelson24 Works fine on my mobile however. So not sure if the new method for pushing across wind lines gets caught in firewall or not if it is IE.
    Will try other browsers

  • Works perfect on Chrome. Must be an IE 11 thing...

  • Administrator

    @jhnelson24 Trying to find out IE11 bug. Quite shitty browser

  • Hi Guys.
    Good idea to open a bug forum for this beta.
    Globally this preview is working well.
    I noticed a bug with the ruler tool when crossing the 180° antimeridian.
    Wind particles look faster/more fluid but my CPU gets warmer compared with previous version. I'm running on desktop computer/Mac/Chrome/Wind Layers.

  • Coming. Not comming.

  • when clouds are checked there is wrong bar down ![0_1484565238621_Bez názvu.png](Uploading 100%)

  • I am a desktop user . I prefer the older user interface ( is more quick and intuitive ). The new menu bar is a bit confusing . Please if possible try to mantain also the older interface as option . Anyway regards for your great job

  • Aloha from Honolulu,

    Love Y'all're my home page!

    If these issues haven't come up earlier...

    ... I tried the iOS app and immediately trashed it -- it simply didn't compare to the desktop version
    ... I use a permanent browser link on my iPad to access so it's the same as on my desktop

    ... new "10" version seems fine, but looks cheaper
    ... perhaps the faster-moving wind and color gradations are at issue?
    … anyways, the “10” version doesn’t feel “professional,” and I like the “pro feel”!

    Will still love ya whatever you do!

    Warmest aloha!

  • I'm viewing the new version on my iPad but the text by the buttons on the left of the screen isn't visible: 0_1484633295158_image.jpg

    Could you have a clear identifier on the screen as to the time of the ECMWF or GFS model that is currently being shown.
    Also, when you click to pin a position play on the map (to sho local windspeed, for example) could you have the flag identify the lat / long for it? Thanks

  • Administrator

    @GrahamK WOW you have completelly broken layout. Please what is your iOS version? Can try to switch off private browsing?

  • Great job! Thanks a lot.
    Two suggestions
    In "parameters recommanded for...Water", CAPE would be appreciated
    In French translation, "visibility" has not been translated to "visibilité"

  • Hi,

    I learned about this app yesterday and I really love it. Do you have any plan for a Windows 10 app ? Best regards.

  • Hi all looks like while surfing from iPad the refresh and application of new layers did not work completely. It gave partial layers while moving from wind to rain and to waves. See attachments (iPad iOS 10.2)

    Edit: can't upload screenshots I receive an error message. Would you kindly provide me an alternative way? Thanks

  • @ivo still running iOS 8.1 (have been bandwidth limited this season) and not using Private mode...

  • I like the fact that the position is shown on the bottom of the screen when you click on "Forecast for this location".
    Are you able to allow us to search by Latitude and Longitude?

  • I am a desktop user ( windows - chrome) .I use windytv as amatorial meteo/climatophile , and till now your app is working pretty well for it ( it is almost perfect ). Sincerly I must admit I prefer the older ( actual ) version and user interface ( is more quick and intuitive ). It works very good now to see and fast swicth the models run and the temp and wind situation at 850hp and 500hp ((the most significative heights for forecasts ) The new version is very confusing and totally unuseful for meteo/climatic .Basically I think it would be a big step backwards .The only good thing in the beta is the possibilty to personalize layers colors. I hope you are not going to ruin the great job you were doing till now Please if possible try to mantain also the actual version as option .And maybe develop the beta only for mobile users .Anyway regards for the great job you did and doing .

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    You have to register to this forum for uploads

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    @GrahamK iOS 8.1 is really old. Can not do anything about that

  • I think someone else may have mentioned this awhile ago as well but it'd be great if the ECMWF rainfall maps showed precip as low as say 0.2 or 0.1mm so areas of light precipitation don't get missed.

    The lowest value currently shown on the scale for ECMWF 3hr precip is 1.5mm while for the rain accumulation, it's 5mm (although I'm not totally sure if lower amounts still show up on the maps?)

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