Change to new screen?

  • Oh no...please please please..please tell me that younhave not changed the screen and buttons? The new screen I am looking at is hideous, the left button are half off the screen. Where is cloudbase as before? I am a pilot and am due to fly tomorrow. Just just hideous. why destroy something that was so good. I hope that this is just a temporary nightmare - I will wake up in a moment.

  • Administrator

    Send us screenshot and use latest version of modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) Not MSIE

  • David, the update is spectacular on Firefox and Chrome and Internet Explorer on my computer running Windows 10.
    Click on the < icon on the right side of the screen. A new menu options display pops out and you can select whatever overlays you want (including cloud base). Or just click on the "flying" tab on top to see the menu selection recommended for pilots (it includes cloud base).
    When you select clouds, look down on the overlay menu and you'll see the options to show low, medium,high or all clouds. It is a vast improvement over the old display. Play with it for 10 minutes and you'll be flying happy again.

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