• I am a desktop user ( windows - chrome) .I used windytv as amatorial meteo/climatophile , and till now your app is worked pretty well for it ( it was almost perfect ). Sincerly I must admit I prefer the older version and user interface ( it was more quick and intuitive ). It worked very good to see and fast swicth the models run and the temp and wind situation at 850hp and 500hp ((the most significative heights for forecasts ) The new version is very confusing and totally unuseful for meteo/climatic .Basically I think it is be a big big step backwards .The only good thing in the beta is the possibilty to personalize layers colors. I think you ruined the great job you were doing till now Please if possible try to mantain also the older version as option .And maybe develop the beta only for mobile users .Anyway regards for the great job you did till now but I think I am not gonna use your app anymore .

  • Agree with you, old version was much better...

  • I agree older version is better. The temperatures aren't shown anymore

  • @Bruno-Serra I agree, I also preferred the older version. I also use chrome.

  • @Bruno-Serra completely agree with you It is a big big step backwards. Where is the sphere map of the world?? Please give it back.

  • the previous version was much more useful, complete and intuitive as scientific/analityc tool about meteorology and climatology . And was also excellent for didactical pourpose . The 3d projection is fundamental to really understand the true circulation and movements of air masses trought the entire globe . Also the new menu is confusing to switch from a model to another ( too many clicks for open panel,select, change and go back ). The timelapse is not so fluid as it was before .There aren t anymore historical data ( but I can understand this because it would require a lot of expensive resources ). Meteo stations and airports ( with real time data) are not by default anymore . This new version seems much more for 5 min "gamers" than for who wants really follow and analyze the weather/climatic dynamics .

  • Administrator

    @Bruno-Serra Bruno WindyTV is focused for kiters, surfers, pilots, salors and other weather related users. I am sorry Windytv is not scientific or research analytics tool right now. We do not have intent, money or human resources develop scientific analytics fetures. For this reason use some other tool on Internet, there is plenty of them.

  • @ivo I do understand ; infact I have apprecciated very much your great job . My sadness is that your app also as climatic tool worked better even than others developed by others "scientific" . NOAA did something similar but much worse than yours .Anyway thanks to produced a good tool . ( Mine were just opinions and/or suggests )

  • Administrator

    @Bruno-Serra Bruno if we will be able to hire new programers we can do a lot of stuff, but so far there are no available programmers on job market.

  • Agreed!!!!! This is utter shite

  • Hey guys, the new Windytv is MILES better than the old one. Get your neurons working and try out the features rather than habit-ing your mind. If you spent the time experimenting with this super weather tool rather than snapping off negative feedback you'd quickly find you can do everything you could before - and more.

  • Agree, new GUI smells like the facebuk. Changing height levels is painful and these pictograms... I'm sorry I can't click with one pixel mouse precision.

  • OK, maybe I can handle the pictograms, but height levels are really painful.

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