Historical weather, gone? 3D weather location, gone?

  • Hi,

    I really enjoy the new format but there are several things missing that were in the old version that I felt made windyty superior to earth nullschool. On the old version via the URL I could access several months of historical weather. For example comparing today's weather to a date in August in a given lication. I cannot do this in the new format, it defaults to todays weather. I liked this feature, please bring it back. Also I also enjoyed checking the temp at the North Pole, 90N but cannot do this at all in 2D view and in 3D view cannot get any specific location at all. I can get the North Pole forecast though. So these are major things lacking in the new version to me. Please bring them back. Otherwise like the new format.

  • @Larry-G I agree. Please bring back the 3D view. Also bring back the historical weather info. The 3D view is much better when looking at a large area that includes portions closer to the poles.

  • Please bring historical back!!

  • @piet The 3D mode is no longer on by default and you have to enable it in the settings

    0_1485346434524_Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 14.59.13.png

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