• Tried the widget script in Firefox and it failed, froze and crashed Firefox when I tried to enter the window size. I tried leaving the default window size and found that when I reset the coordinates in the window the code in the code box did not change (stayed exactly where the widget window opened - automatically based on my IP location).
    On IE Edge leaving the window size blank and relocating the map coordinates the code box did not change the lat lon. Tried to fill in the window size, entered 400 and 200 - the typing did not show anything in the size box window but the code in the embed code box showed 640050 pixels. So it must have had 650 in the box (but not visible) and when I entered the 400 it inserted that into the existing 650 pixels. The coordinates then did change in the code box. But it all froze when I clicked on copy the code to the clipboard.

  • Got it to work by first clicking in the extreme right of the window size box, click-dragging to select the non visible text (maybe too small a font size?) then hitting delete. Then entering the window size and clicking on the enter key, did that for both width and height and it entered the correct window size and coordinates in the code box. The copy to clipboard also worked. So to fix the problem you need to be sure the existing text for window width and height is visible in the box and maybe having another button to activate the script. If I do not adjust the window size the code does not use the relocated window coordinates. But if I also click on the show marker in the middle of the map box it does enter the correct coordinates into the code box.

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