For Crying Out Loud Roll Back Please

  • I dont really understand the current mentality of progress for the sake of progress. I have lost all faith in the site since the new version that actually makes it harder not easier. sorry guys, WTF I think its back to Global Wind for me.

  • i agree the old site was better

  • I liked the old site better too. It was much easier to switch between models for the swell/waves section and now I can't do that. Not to mention the same models aren't here anymore.

  • Yes the old site was easier to use, not as complicated, but most important worked better on our SLOW internet. Most islands have slow internet and we have come to rely on your forecast... your zoom increments are too big.

  • Windy 10 is harder to use and I cannot get TAF, METAR or Notams any more?!

  • This latest version is SO poor compared to the previous one!!!! - no graphical displays?? what's THAT about? - PLEASE ROLL BACK to the previous version - no webcam links, absolutely useless - not even worth 5% of the version that you have just replaced - this was a FANTASTIC product, but if this keeps up I won't be using it again... it's dreadful!

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    The webcams are in the detailed forecast, just behind the forecast and meteo stations, see below:
    0_1485259727893_Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 13.08.06.png

    The airport info is possible to find when you select to show airports, and then you click on the airport as you used to in old version:
    0_1485259900527_Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 13.10.04.png

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  • @TomSlavkovsky They clearly state that there is no webcam links. Not that they are missing.
    The webcams do not link to the site. There is only an ambiguous URL, which is useless.

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