Problems to Embed in Website with new Version

  • Hi,
    as a private person I used to use the app already for a longer time. I was quite happy with it!
    But: Actually I prepare a Website and I want to embed the Weather in the Page. (size 930x300)

    Until now all worked out! But with the new Version
    I Used a code like this:

    The Code above is still working.

    When I use the same Code but for another Spot, embed it, the Spot doen´t show up.


    Any Suggestions what went wrong?


  • Also I wanted to ask why the Red Field under the Marker "Forecast for this Spot" is not popping up in a new Window??

  • Global Moderator

    There are no pictures, can you add them please?

  • Here it is:

    @TomSlavkovsky !0_1485087639484_windytv.jpg

  • Link now opens in new window.

  • @ivo
    Hello Ivo, I just double checked it. But in my case nothing changed. It´s still NOT opening a new window.
    Can you also give me an answer about my other questions please:

    -Standard Code I can use (or is my Code correct)?
    -why does the Code in b) is not showing up on my website with the correct location?

  • @Olli Use our API will be better. Sorry no tech support

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