So..where is the Cloudbase HEIGHT??

  • Further to this now useless website - we have low cloud, high cloud and MEDIUM could - ??? What is medium cloud?? Where is thew predicted cloudbase please? just stunning how one of the best weather forecast websites has self destructed so badly.

  • David, I am not a pilot and I never looked for the cloud base before but your rather nasty post about my favorite weather site made me kind of curious.
    It took me 10 seconds to find the cloud base height on the new site.
    Here is how you do it.

    1. click on the < icon on the lower part of the menu. A tool tip will show up that says, "show/add more overlays" Click on the icon and a new menu slides out. Now, this is tricky. You can click on the tab on top where is says recommended for flying and turn on all the best overlays for pilots. Or, leave it with the default "All".
    2. If you have left all of the overlays showing count down to the 7th icon from the top that says "cloud base" and click on the little on-off icon to turn on the cloud base overlay. That puts the cloud base icon on the menu :-)
    3. OK, now, on the bottom of the screen, on the right, you'll see a color scale showing flight rules. If you don't like flight rules on the scale point to the scale and you'll see a little tool tip that says "click to change scale" - click on it to see the colors as meters. You can also change the colors to suit what you would like. Just above the scale there is a note: "about cloud base" . You might want to read that.
    4. Click on the airport or area of particular interest to you and you'll see the exact cloud base height at that location.
      I hope that helps, David.

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    Richard, well explained, thank you!
    David, I hope that Richard's post will help if not do not hesitate to ask. Happy to help

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