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    3D globe is still on the Windytv.

    Previously we had a lot of complaints about 3D mode, that was launched automatically. Therefore 3D mode must be now activated in the menu on the right.

    But our 3D globe is deprecated technology, that works bad and slow and is ready for complete refactoring. We are short of resources, but as soon as our resources permit, we will give it a try and rewrite 3D globe to better technology.


  • I prefer the 3D globe (didn't know that was what it is called so my earlier comment may have been confusing) Anyway - even if I have to 'click' it on and even if it is 'bad' I will still use it. I live at Lat 53 so it makes more sense for me to see the world that way... I like to set the North Pole in the center of my screen and turn the globe so that it emulates my real world lat/long position - that way when the storms come slamming in I can appreciate them all the more - two ways of seeing/experiencing & two ways of learning/understanding especially with the overlays.

    As for you being short on resources: Are they Financial, Time constraints or that you need Personnel? If Financial - can users who want to do so => 'DONATE' to the cause? Like $2 a month via PayPal? This is an awesome endeavour so I'd be willing to donate a bit...

  • Love the 3D mode. We live on a global planet. It is the only way to look at it

  • depreciated

    I think you mean deprecated :-)

  • @user233 Thanks. Fixed :-)

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    Wonderful - Thanks for not forgetting about working on the 3-D Globe!!! It really makes more sense to see our world that way... especially if you want to see how the weather systems form and move around.

    And - Please - don't forget about correcting the time zones for Alaska... Here's one that works correctly... http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_US-AK.aspx

    And - again - many thanks for this site. It really is interesting

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    What resources are needed?

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