No more historical data on Windy (maybe in the future)

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    I recently completed a 5 week westbound summer sailing cruise around the Great Australian Bight. This was planned last year using the historical data on Windy TV, which is much more relevant than the traditional alternative - Pilot Charts, which are based on the averaged noon reports of mariners going back hundreds of years. Pilot charts are at best issued averaging a whole month, over 5 degree squares. GRIB based data at 3 or 6 hour intervals, day by day, at 1/4 degree resolution provides a far far better tool for understanding how wind systems progress in past seasons. I'm a yachting writer, and reported this beneficial use of Windy TV, but had to add that the restrospective review of data was no longer supported by the site. I'd encourage WindyTV to restore historical data as soon as practical, and to progressively extend it to earlier years. It will become an important resource, not otherwise available to the ordinary sailor.

  • Thank you for this excellent site. I look forward to be able to evaluate our pollen forecasts, which benefit allergy sufferers, with reference to historical data!

  • Historical Data! Cmon!

  • Dear Sirs,
    As a new member of the 'windytv community', I appreciate what you say about not having enough staff to upkeep historical data.

    However, surely it doesn't need that many people to upkeep what amounts to Weather Records? Have you thought about outsourcing the work?

    My concern is that you will lose out to such Weather Sites as Metcheck and Weather Underground, who not only have accurate, localised forecasts, like yourselves, but also maintain historical data on a daily or even hourly basis.

  • There is a way to get global historical data from the GFS model.
    It's from NOAA Archives:
    And they are visualized with:

  • I too would use the archived data in historical wildfire analysis.

  • Still waiting on this... it is the primary reason I would use Windy. As a sailor, looking at trends helps plan when to make passages in the future. Note, I would become a paying customer for this feature.

  • @becaris I would pay as well for this feature as i use it a lot in planning our sailing trips. Having actual historical weather is an outstanding feature that I love to use. Again, lots of people would pay a fee for this level of access!

  • Thank you for this brilliant app! Just love it for all my fishing trips!!

  • Having historical data is very important for me planning for open ocean crossings so I can read what happened compared to what was forcast

  • Good to hear you are planning on bringing back historical data !

  • Hi, just want to check in on progress? Is this something still in the works?

    I, and I'm sure others, would be happy to pay a monthly subscription if it gave access to historic data.

  • I would also be willing to pay for a subscription in order to have access to historical data. We plan lots of sailing trips along the west US coastline and it would be super useful!

  • BTW, keeps historical data all the way back to the 1950s. Could you just pull from their api instead of storing it yourself? even if it was a daily average snapped once a week, that would be useful :)

  • @ivo I'd be willing to pay for a 'premium' membership which included the historical data. When it was available I found it very valuable. I'm a sailor living aboard full time and loved using the historical data to plan out months ahead for general, most likely conditions.... Thanks for all you do, love the service.

  • Please bring back historical data incredibly useful, would be happy to pay for it thanks!

  • @ivo is there any method to download weather images hourly? may be as a paid service?

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    @buddhi911 said in No more historical data on Windy (maybe in the future):

    @ivo is there any method to download weather images hourly? may be as a paid service?


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