WindyTy 10 - how can I trust you?

  • Hello..been usining Windyty for over a year as a pilot. I cannot stand the new WindyTy but accept that you have to dilute the original app in order to add features using the same bandwidth. At the moment if I zoom in to one of my airfeild points I get a different forcast to the zoomed out one. Also the colours change and give a completetly different wind.forescast. As an aside..why do I have to tyope into the most tiny box which then shows up in a huge box on my screen. Veryt difficult to edit. Again probably die to bandwidth or memeory used. Either way..10 is a major step backwards. Good job I have 5 other apps to use.

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    David, it is a bug, thank you for reporting it!

  • I will continue to try and love WindyTy like I used to...its hard.. :,(

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