Congratulations - reporting a bug

  • Hello Windyty team.
    First, congratulations and an enormous thank you for this awesome tool.
    It's huge, I love it. It's true. ;)

    Small bug report:
    The rain forecast is buggy when using GFS model: the map clearly shows rain accumulation but the click on the map shows either 0.0 mm or doesn't show the forecast at all.

    • Rain forecast
    • Model: GFS. Doesn't seem to happen with ECMWF
    • Forecast > 2 days ahead
    • OS / browser: Win 7, Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m

    0_1485424830883_windyty bug rain GFS.png

    All the best!!

    • Mauritius -

  • And that's when the forecast doesn't even show (something appears in Console).

    0_1485425439236_windyty bug rain GFS no forecast.png

  • @manawajaws What about conditions on Mauro right now. Would like to come next months.

  • Btw thx for bug report will check that

  • @ivo
    Hey Ivo !
    Raining season (monsoon like) is starting, gonna be rainy (and sometimes cyclonic) for the next 3 months.
    For windsurf / kitesurf, best is from May to Nov.
    For paragliding from Oct to Jan.
    Give a shout, would love to meet you (and lend you some gear if you don't want to bring too much stuff: kitesurfing/paragliding/speedflying...)
    Cheers !

  • Nice bug you have found. This one will be diff to find

  • @ivo
    Good luck with that !

  • Done !?

    Looks like it's working better this morning.
    Well done.

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