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  • Hi,

    Any chance that the Windytv Android app will be updated so it is the same as the website (and the iPhone version) ? They both have many more overlays available and just look better overall. The Android version is far more limited in that sense, it doesn't look as good as the website or the iPhone app.

    Hope you can do this as I love the website, it's very impressive.


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    Craig, the new update will be released soon.

  • Nice, and plz update to an latest version.

  • Dobrý den, s android aplikací jsem byl velmi spokojen, nicméně po upgrade mi nenačte aktuální předpověď, nelze se podívat na webkamery, stále jen načítá ale proces nedokončí. Mám Android 4.4. Mám se s aplikací na telefonu rozloučit? Děkuji

  • @TomSlavkovsky Hi Tom, first of all thanks for your time. I just would like to give a suggestion, it should be nice to have a widget for the Android App. Thanks to you and @ivo for this great project.

  • The app is really good , but a widget is really necessary, thanks for your good work.

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