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  • Hi,

    Any chance that the Windytv Android app will be updated so it is the same as the website (and the iPhone version) ? They both have many more overlays available and just look better overall. The Android version is far more limited in that sense, it doesn't look as good as the website or the iPhone app.

    Hope you can do this as I love the website, it's very impressive.


  • Global Moderator

    Craig, very soon, we are about to test a beta version of the update. Should be released in few weeks.

  • Great to hear Tom. Looking forward to seeing it, hope it's as good as the website.


  • Hi Tom,

    Was just wondering if you had any further updates for the release of this ?


  • Global Moderator

    @cra1go Craig, not yet, the development takes longer than expected. I will let you know when beta will be released.

  • Have been using the new Android app and it's very impressive. Just one thing, the Meteogram and Airgram are too small too see on a Smartphone display... Any chance of adding a zoom function ?


  • I am having problems with the grafic interface . I am desktob user ( win7 - chrome)
    it looks like I was on mobile app , and the time bar is not working good with mouse . This is my a screenshot . Is it a problem of mine or the site ? 0_1489246868399_upload-edb029ba-a8f2-4c8d-be16-f80e33890369

  • @Bruno-Serra This is tablet version. How did you get there?

  • @ivo I do not know !! Suddenly the interface changed . It is the old site link I ever had .

  • Global Moderator

    @Bruno-Serra is your browser updated to the latest version? Can you try it on a different browser? Let us know

  • @TomSlavkovsky Yes ,Chrome is updated , I tried also with IE 11 but the result is the same .
    Couriosly the screenshot I took with winditv tool is different from what I really see .
    0_1489335973394_webshot (1).png

  • The forecast window opens all the time automatically now since the last update even though I have the option to do so disabled. Also, when you close the forecast window the location dot then disappears so you can't drag the data box for your selected layer over your location. This worked fine until the last update.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi, this should be fixed in today's release. Thanks for reporting it. Let us know if it works correctly.

  • Is that 10.44.0 or a newer version again ? I'm using 10.44.0 and have that problem

  • I've emailed you a screenshot although I'm not getting connection issues, just issues where the forecast window opens on start up (even when disabled) and the location dot disappears

  • Any idea yet on what's causing this issue since the last update ? When I select the "Find My Location" option it locates me with the dot and opens the 7 day forecast however when I tap my location to bring up the Layer data box it pops up briefly on the screen and then disappears. If I then close the 7 day forecast I'm able to use the Layer data box however I no longer have the location dot showing on the screen This means you can't drag the layer data box over your actual location. I've only had this problem since the last update (10.44.0). I've also sent an email with my device details. Please advise when this will be fixed as the app is very good apart from this "glitch", however it's quite a big "glitch" in terms of usability.

  • Hello.
    I some questions about the favourites list. Is there any way to sort them alphabetically? Also a function where they can be edited by holding a finger on a location and then dragging them into a preferred preference, eg alphabetically, nearest, etc, would be great. Also the favourites list fades away after the first half dozen or so, making it impossible to see any below. Could there be the ability to scroll down the list could be an option.


  • @Satt will be implemented

  • @ivo Thank you very much. ☺

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