How to track Red Bull 'King of the Air' wind and weather conditions with Windytv

  • Can’t wait to watch Red Bull King of the Air competition? Whether you're live or watching the competition online, knowing the current wind/weather conditions and the forecast can take your experience to another level. Follow the next steps to add KOTA’s location (Cape Town’s Big Bay) to your favorites.

    1. Create your Windytv account

    Note: If you already have your Windytv account, skip to step 2

    Creating an account will take less than minute. Just open the menu in the upper right corner and click Log in/Register.


    Now you can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account (1), or simply register by email (2).


    Once you have created an account and you are logged in, you’ll be able to save your favorite locations and sync your Windytv settings across all your devices (not available in Windytv app for iPhone or Android yet, just the website).

    2. Save the location to your favorites

    Search for the location (Big Bay, Cape Town in a case of KOTA), once you’ll click it, the favorite icon will appear.


    Click the icon. You just saved a location to your favorites.


    3. Manage your favorite locations

    Now you can access your favorite locations by clicking your avatar.


    Not happy with the name of the location? Give it any name you wish.


    4. Bonus tip

    It’s not a secret that any forecast can fail (here is why). That’s why Windytv offers more global forecast models, namely ECMWF (our favorite), GFS and NEMS.


    What’s great about Windytv is that you can compare all these models at once.


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