Default opening location confusion.

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    • How do I set A Default Opening View for my WindyTv?
      It used to open automatically to my specific geographical location.
      Today it seems to want to center me in the Middle of the US.

    • I set some 'Favorite' places yesterday - did that affect my default location?

    Thanks :)

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    Hi. We determine your location by your IP. There was feature "set my home location" which almost nobody used (but evidently you did) so I have abandoned it. I can reintroduce it later.

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    @ivo Thanks for the reply - look fwd to that default opening @ my location :)

    And PLEASE consider adding VOLCANIC ASH CLOUDS to your overlays. (The old girl doesn't ask for much does she :)

    • I have a suggestion concerning a larger communications issue amongst us all > which may in part explain why that choice I made for default location (set my home location) was not used by many people and perhaps why you get certain kinds of 'dumb' questions.


    Again - thanks

  • @ivo
    thanks for "start-up location" in setup :)

  • Hi; I know you have addressed default location before, but I do not see a setting for this. (I want to set the startup location, since I live in a rural area far from the location of the startup map.) How can I access this feature on iPhone? Thank you!

  • @scyntl I also want this feature to return

  • I installed this awesome app while on vacation and now it thinks that is my home. I would like to be able to change my home location. If it is already possible please let me know how to do it.

    Thanks to the devs for your hard work!

    EDIT: I missed the part where it determine location based on IP address. I guess my ISP's public facing IP address is 5000 kms away from my actual location.

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    What about reinstall it to your present location?

  • I would also love to set up a different start up location in the iOS app. Usually I open the app to check a spot for sailing or surfing which I‘m planning to go to next. So being able to set up and change the start up location every now and then, like in the desktop browser version, would be really cool.

    Thanks for the great app.

  •,(Decimal Coordinates N),-(Decimal Coordinates West),16,m:eTkaefB works for me in my spreadsheet where the formula(s) are for each location I track. =hyperlink(","&H79&",-"&G79&",16,m:eTkaefB") You will see how I have incorporated an automatic insertion of the Decimal values at: Scroll to the bottom, then a bit to the right to view my method. Hope this helps!

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