Windy TV to use with a Satcom FleetBroadBand via IP filter (white listed IP addresses, no URL white listed) ?

  • Re: WindyTV to use via white listed IP list?

    Hi to all,

    It seems my request is moved without receiving a reply. Is the reply still in investigation?

    Is it possible for Support to let me know if the program can be used via an IP filter?

    Can it be used on a satcom terminal which is protected with an IP filter on IP level (not on URL level)?

    It's no VSAT so therfore any unwanted data needs to be filterd by the IP filter which will also block programs if they use an URL in their firmware..

    I am looking forward to the reply.

    Best regards,

  • ![alt text](image url)

  • We do not understand the question

  • @ivo FleetBroadBand is a really expensive Inmarsat service for ship-board Internet while at sea. They probably have some sort of filtering (like an IP address white list) to keep seamen from running up the bill. Maybe he needs an IP range used by WindyTV to add to the white list.

  • Now we have implemented low bandwidth mode. We prepare offline mode also (year 2018).

  • @fogmachine Wow that is tricky. We use CDN (check Wikipedia what is CDN) and IP adress probablly changes by your own location.

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