Bug in the rainfall accumulation

  • The Cursor reads a different amount of rain to what the colours in the legend of the map says, Curser will say 12.2mm when in yellow-orange indicating around 55mm

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    Please please screenshot

  • Hello,
    I have the same problem with incorrect cursor values. This always happens when the cursor is dragged from one area to another in rain accumulation and snow accumulation maps. This happens on all devices and browsers I use.
    I also noticed that the data for these two overlays are updated very late - around four hours later than it was the case in the testing version.

    But other than that I really like your website! The ability to completely customise the overlay colours of high-detail ECMWF forecasts is truly amazing...

    Here are two screenshots of the problem:

    0_1486478042404_Kimberley 1.jpg

    0_1486478091938_Kimberley 2.jpg

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    @Drosera Will check. Both screenshots used ECMWF?

  • Yes, I only changed the cursor position... Here is another example with the snow accumulation overlay:

    When I click on the map, the cursor appears and it shows 55.2 cm:


    After dragging the cursor around a bit it shows 16.6 cm at the exact same location.


    The values seem completely random to me as I sometimes get 33, 18, 5 or even 0.0 cm at the exact same position. It's very weird...

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    Hmmmm loooks I have to check it. Now I have holliday ahead of me, mabe take some time.

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