• Hello! First off, I love the site. I am a Search and Rescue coordinator with the US Coast Guard, and use your site almost exclusively for my real time weather observations as well as forecasted conditions while planning operations! However, lately (the past 2 weeks or so) the sea temperature feature has not been updating and will only display in degrees C even though my defaults are set to F. Any insight?

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    @pwoods7 Will check, will let you know. Send us some picture how you are using Windytv, this would be great to share.

  • @TomSlavkovsky Update: It seems the sea temps are updating now, however it still shows me degrees C. I usually use the site to find wind speed/direction, gusts, air and sea temps, cloud percentage and base altitude, and wave/swell height and direction. I have those set to my favorites so I can just scroll right through what I need to know. This is the best site I have found to find everything I need in one place, and best of all it loads fast because you focus on the weather! 0_1489581638119_WTV.png

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