• Hi there, we are mapping vultures and wind farms across Africa. I am searching for a grid (raster) showing prevailing wind direction over the continent (1km2 resolution) but I cannot find it anywhere over land other than the States, plenty of data over the oceans. I see from your animations incredible resolution of wind direction over time. Would you consider making summary information (average prevailing wind direction over a year) available to our project. Vultures are going extinct over large regions of Africa and we are trying to map all the threats they face one of which will be wind farm developments, the conflict zones can be identified knowing slope lift that they use and comparing these areas with wind farms and wind energy potential maps.. really hoping you can help with the amazing data on this site, fabulous web interface too

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    @ragdavies Hi, can you contact me directly on my email? It is in my profile here on community.

  • @TomSlavkovsky
    could only find generic email - have sent to that
    hoping to hear from you rob.davies@habitatinfo.com

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