Add options for Display Attributes (eg, up to 4) when clicking at a location

  • Many similar types of apps (real app or via web display) allow users to select custom values for display when clicking on a feature or location.
    Curently, for example, when the WIND is displayed, True Wind Bearing & Speed are displayed. When the PRESSURE mode is active, only Pressure is displayed.
    At ALL TIMES and in all display modes (wind, pressure, temp, etc) it would be very useful to display the WGS84 coordinates (in user-customisable format - eg, (D)DD MM, (D)DD M.MMM, etc). At minimum users should have the option to display this as one of their default settings, as well as choose other displayable attributes (depending on the mode).
    For example, I would like to see the WIND (brg & speed) as well as PRESSURE, plus COORDINATE all at once!

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