Favorites created on browser don't appear in the app

  • As per the subject. I logged into Windyty on a browser and setup some favourites. These are stored in the cloud since they follow me to different computers​. However when I log into the Android app on my tablet using my same account, they're not there. (They are if I log into chrome on my tablet, which defeats the purpose of the app to be honest).

  • This is second bug report. Will look at it.

  • @ivo Thank you 🙂

  • Need more info. Send me please screenshot of err console in the app. WindytvApp -> Menu -> Errors

    What about favs created in App? Do they go to the cloud and appear on desktop?

  • bug found & fixed

  • Yes, now working perfectly. Thank you. And I apologise for the last reply, i was working the last two days.

  • Yes fixed, great.
    But "start location" in Desktop settings (which is a nice feature) cannot be set in Android App though.

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