- client

  • [11.00] - TBD

    • Completely new plugins rhpane, tools, particles, bottom, etc..
    • New UI for desktop (rhpane plugin) and mobile (mobile-menu)
    • On desktop we test webGL capabilities and decide if to load old or new particles renderer
    • A lot of small improvements and fixes

    [10.78] - 2017-05-29

    • Fixed bug preventing saving/editing of Alerts

    [10.74] - 2017-05-25

    • Temep graph is now part of mobile version of detail slider including marked alert times
    • tocca, pulltorefresh external libs abandoned
    • airport plugin optimizations
    • Better detection when to close startup weather based on events

    [10.73] - 2017-05-23

    • Upgrade from v2.6.8 to v3.5.1 of RIOT JS DOM library
    • Slight improvement of some plugins (airport,alerts,...)
    • New plug-ins tocca, pulltorefresh used now in airport plug-in
    • Slightly improved Grunt build system

    [10.72] - 2017-05-20

    • WebGL particles animation: New wg-utils, and wg-particles plugins. Possibility to set up webGL particles layer. Always uses retina up to maximum devicePixelRatio = 2.
    • Testing of webGL capability for each user

    [10.69] - 2017-05-19

    • Alerts are now visible in client as a number in avatar, in spot detail and in user favs plugin.
    • Bugfixes and more translations for alerts plug-in
    • New plug-ins user, favs-extended, fav-alert-menu making index.js again a little bit smaller
    • User: user avatar and checking of new alerts, favsExtended: Extends fav instance and repairs bad favs/alerts/airports in localStorage (only for logged in user)

    [10.66-10.68] - 2017-05-12

    • alerts plugin polished (ready for i18n) and linked from detail
    • New translation phrases
    • Bugfix in widgets plugin where lat,lon was not written into iframe src
    • embed2.html improved, supporting alert screenshot and languages
    • Now API endpoint for POIs /pois
    • New langfiles for alerts

    [10.65] - 2017-05-03 - Website, Android, iOS

    • Air quality layers: CO, SO2, Dust concentration
    • We hope to have found & fixed bug when particles are displayed only in the first third of the page
    • http module now caches JSONs in received (stringified form) preventing for later modifications in App
    • Fixed bug introduced in 10.60: Switching table, meteogram destroys weather data received from http cache
    • NOTAMs now can be displayed in RAW mode

    [10.64] - 2017-05-01

    • Fixed bug introduced in v10.60: Weather in cites displays erratically
    • Added temporary pollution, dust overlays to client (although still not on the server)

    [10.63] - 2017-04-30 - Website, Android, iOS

    • Fixed bug introduced in v10.60: Compare forecast shows the same models

    [10.61] - 2017-04-29

    • New plugin Windy Alerts for adding, editing, deleting the Alerts
    • New embed2.html with new Windy logo and supporting lang parameter

    [10.60] - 2017-04-28

    • Performance improvements in weather JSON. Instead of array of objects are used object of arrays
    • Performance improvements in POIs. Data are transported in arrays. Extended info onmouseover are lazy loaded from server.
    • Airports on a map now contain full METAR displayed on hover
    • NodeBB authentication cookie is transferred form domain to domain
    • Note: Both improvements mean that JSON data files are 3x smaller, and their rendering and display is faster

    [10.59] - 2017-04-27

    [10.56] - 2017-04-10

    • Kiting and windsurfing spots now on
    • Tweaking of favourites POIs on a map. They are displayed always, but become active only when "Favourites" is selected in a menu
    • A little bit improved search backend, taking in account location of user and searching in paragliding and kiting databases.
    • New menu for changing POIs and models
    • Fixed bug: The satellite map was not displayed
    • Fixed bug: Strange colours when displaying local models

    [10.55] - 2017-04-02 - Website, Android, iOS

    • New graphs for pilots and paragliders: Airgram
    • We have abandoned plans for pilotgrams since forecasted visibility is not good. Instead of that you will find cloud base part of meteogram.
    • Performance improvement in display of spot forecast. Graphs are now rendered directly to `` making whole process faster with less memory rqrd
    • Fixed bug: Click on a webcam opens player. Player is now accessible even in mobile version
    • Better UI in spot forecast. Bootm controls stick to the same position
    • As we have promised, meteogram is now part of airport detail
    • Login and user registration from iOS, Android App has been improved

    [10.54] - 2017-03-25 - Website, Android, iOS

    • All the innovation from v10.50 plus...
    • Performance improvement, main JS codes are ~20% smaller, so it should lead to faster loading and start-up
    • Meteogram performance optimization (should not slow down mobile App any more)
    • New weather layers for pilots: Freezing levels, cloud tops
    • Polished meteogram a little bit (bigger clouds)
    • Favourites now display metars in RAW mode (if used on airport page before)
    • Beautifull temperature graph is now used on HP and favs and basic spot forecast
    • Fixed bug: Favs are sorted alphabetically
    • Fixed bug, when meteogram clouds were not exactly aligned with timeline
    • NAM model upgraded to 3km resolution
    • Our URL shortener uses new URL:

    [10.50] - 2017-03-22 - Website, Android, iOS

    • Completely new iOS app based on Apache Cordova was approved by Apple. Contains 100% functionality of the website and supports also iPad
    • A little bit better responsive CSS for tablets, mainly #bottom.
    • Better display of detail in mobile landscape mode

    [10.49] - 2017-03-20 - Website, Android

    • Fixed bug: Clicking on a logo in mobile version does not move bottom calendar
    • Fixed bug: Find my location sometimes did not worked (on desktop)
    • Fixed bug when favourites were not synchronized with Android App
    • Display mode for detail and its model is now part of URL so meteograms are fully shareable and URL looks like this,14.378,5,m:e0HagoQ,d:mg, while d:mg means that meteogram is displayed with GFS model.
    • Meteograms now display rain/snow fractions (ECMWF only)
    • New wave detail based on NOAA Wavewatch 3 + GFS models. Note: NOAA wave model does NOT cover Mediaterran sea.
    • Added promo to propagate meteograms
    • After 2 hours of inactivity Android App is restarted to save resources

    [10.48] - 2017-03-17

    • Ola, new meteograms are here!! Based on ECMWF or GFS and fully rendered on client side, so only 5kb of data is transferred.

    [10.47] - 2017-03-12 - Website, Android

    • Colour scale added back to homepage
    • Important: fixed bug causing erratic map movement after some time
    • Log-in / register to save all your settings to the cloud
    • "Find my location" opens weather picker, rather than weather detail.
    • Fixed bug, where favourite locations were not in exact position

    [10.40] - 2017-03-07 - Android

    • First version of Android App based on Apache Cordova. Full of bugs and issues.

    [10.40] - 2017-03-07

    • Responsive CSS for tablets
    • New mobile-fullscreen-plugin classes and modes
    • New languages added

    [10.36] - 2017-02-28

    • Completely new responsive CSS version for mobile use.
    • New mobile picker
    • Picker position now part of URL
    • Low bandwidth mode settings

    [10.8] - 2017-01-24

    • Bug fixes

    [10.4] - 2017-01-20

    • New pois menu, bug fixes

    [10.2] - 2017-01-18

    • Completely new version refactoring everything inside the client.
    • Weather rendering is 2 - 50x times faster and uses only one CPU core (prev used 2 threads)
    • Requires much less of computer memory
    • Faster start up

    [8.7.0] - 2016-10-31

    • Prepared for http auth. Client now sends W-Windytv hash with every rqst

    [8.6.4] - 2016-10-12

    • Improved promo module
    • animationSetting promo
    • W.EventCatcher, W.Menu, W.Switch classes moved to UIcomponents

    [8.6.0] - 2016-10-11

    • New settings plugin enabling to set up animation particles and language
    • Major bug fixes for retina display and 'resize' Leaflet event

    [8.5.0] - 2016-10-06

    • Client and Embed can choose 'gfs','ecmwf' as their default model, by changing meta tag in index.html, embed.html
    • Client is able to resolve geoIP from old 'node/geoip' API if geoIP meta tag is empty

    [8.4.0] - 2016-10-02

    • New version of Leaflet library (v 0.7.7 ) containing important bugfix

    [8.3.5] - 2016-10-02

    • Bugfix, size of data store on mobile devices

    [8.3.0] - 2016-09-30

    [8.2.7] - 2016-09-21

    [8.2.4] - 2016-09-12

    • Better API protection (hash key)


    • Hiring promo stopped just for CZ
    • new W.EventCatcher class catching clicks in part of a DOM
    • Created "riot" like plugin option, in pure JS (without riot)
    • tools, hiring implemented in my new native tag system
    • Improved tans.js module (with options afterbegin, beforeend etc...)

    [8.1.5] - 2016-08-28

    • ECMWF promo stopped
    • Added hiring promo

    [8.1.2] - 2016-08-19

    • Fixed bug: historical calendar does not work properly
    • Fixed bug: 2Mb promo animated gif is loaded even when not displayed

    [8.1.1] - 2016-08-18

    • Added 100m AGL altitude
    • Returned 975hPa
    • All overlay colors are now in TypedArrays
    • Performace improvements inrepolationField
    • New class and module W.Canvas for handling overlay, particle canvases

    [8.0.5] - 2016-08-16

    • Bug fixes, small opts

    [8.0.0] - 2016-08-15

    • RIOT.JS updated to v2.5.0
    • Added new global model: ecmwf
    • Added new products: ecmwf-hres, esmwf-wam, ozone
    • Added new overlays: ozone, cbh, CAPE
    • rain, snow overlays renamed to rainAccu, snowAccu!!!
    • Switched to jpg data files from png in NAM, NEMS models
    • Fixed and enhanced imgLoader to support JPG with transparent B channel
    • New model changing component
    • Hiring promo finished x
    • Some CSS components rewrote to 'em' metric
    • Completely new mobile version
    • Decreased requirements for allocated typed arrays (dataStore.js)

    [7.4.4] - 2016-07-31

    • New detailed map (seznam topo)
    • Some anti-cache in airport.tag.html
    • Hiring promo

    [7.4.2] - 2016-07-25

    • Windyty can start with low zoom level and launched in globe map mode as before
    • Added "Add Chrome extension" promo
    • Fixed display of Windyty in mobile webview (Twitter, Facebook)
    • Better "model" propagation messages (displayed only once for each model)
    • Slight changes in UI
    • Updated embed version (fixed marker issue)

    [7.3.0] - 2016-07-18

    • Promo in separate module
    • Prepared promo "Add Windyty for homescreen"
    • New translations, added pt-BR language

    [7.2.0] - 2016-07-XX

    • Updated detailOnly build

    [7.1.0] - 2016-07-02

    • Added promo for stations feature
    • Windyty 70 promo stopped


    • 26.000 weather stations (including history and graphs) is now on Windyty
    • D3 lib are now included in full version (not tweaked one as previously).
    • D3 and topojson are downloaded as Windyty plugin whenever globe is requested. As a startin zoom we use zoom 6 to go to map mode and ensure faster map startup.
    • Complete refactoring of airport data in detail plugin. Using new backend API and including RWYs and NOTAMS.
    • Complete refactoring of poi.js module intrducing new W.Poi class and using new backend API
    • Simplification of URL parsing in location.js

    [6.1.3] - 2016-04-26

    • Complete refacotring of progressBar/calendar including UI. Everything now wokrs on basis of timestamps (ms)
    • Refactoring of products-overlays relation. Now products contain allowed oerlays and levels
    • Improved Product class and new ProductLocal class (all in separate module)
    • Refacotring of model switches and mechanism of displaying and hiding the model
    • Local models are now part of URL
    • Added NAM CONUS, ALASKA, HAWAII high resolution models

    [6.0.3] - 2016-04-08

    • Daily summaries (in detail.js) are part of 3hours API

    [6.0.2] - 2016-04-07

    • Simplification of CSS in index.html
    • Complete overhaul of search, weather and query modules. Whole system was simplified in favor of new location detail
    • New location detail on a left side, with 6 days forecast using new MEteoblue 3h API. New wind and waves forecast.
    • New philosophy of paning and zooming when opening location detail
    • New menu UI Class, that can be styled either as a menu, or iOS like switch
    • Complete overhaul of windytyUI design in favor of independent components
    • New philosophy of mobile version, using the same UI controls (except for progressBar)
    • Legend rendering now part of Overlay class
    • New components module containing UI components and including legend and product info
    • Introduced new way of handling clicks on various links on a page through central windytyUI dispatcher
    • New switches for selction of a time on mobile version
    • New starting zoom is now globe
    • Keyboard controls in independent module
    • Updated detailOnly build with new location detail
    • Topo json source files for globe ( world*.json ) files now moved to tiles/globev1/world*.json location, and new storage.getFile options to load and store this file.
    • New sea option, that hides overlays behind tiles now intoduces even in Leaflet
    • Wind plugin abandoned. "wind location" keyword now points to detail with wind and waves section open
    • Fix: Bug that caused METARs POIs to be drawn again and again
    • Fix: Bug in windytyCtrl that caused doing non-dirty interpolation after user zoomed a map

    [5.4.1, 5.4.2] - 2016-03-09

    • Wind plugin, non working scroll wheel on FF
    • Small bug in weather module

    [5.4.0] - 2016-03-09

    • Some code moved from main code to detail plugin code
    • Simplified plugin system
    • Added geolib plugin
    • Removed getNextItem and cycle Items from Array.prototype
    • Riot JS upgraded to v2.3.16
    • New favs plugin
    • Changed system of versionning:
      • first number: change of technology, refcatorings
      • second number: inovations of any kind
      • third number: bug fixes and minor tweeks
    • settings plugin informs user about unavalibility of localStorage
    • plugin system now handles metricChanged event by updating plugin
    • Simplified location.js module. Plug-ins are responsible for change of URL and tile
    • Abandoned "WE ARE HIRING" promo
    • Fixed: Location module used old "node/search" API
    • Fixed: Pgdn, pgup keyboard shordcut now works even for rh, temp
    • Fixed: Bug in detail plugin asociated with picker movement

    [5.3.12] - 2016-02-24

    • wind plugin refactored
    • Log module refactored. Added single item logging and simplified
    • Promo for android app
    • Updated language file
    • holding SHIFT + click on search hit now goes directlly to the map
    • Fixed: missing interpolation function in snow, snowcover, rain overlays

    [5.3.11] - 2016-02-16

    • New current and sstavg overlays including navigation at the bottom
    • Improved animation/particle, product/overlay system
    • Simplified windytyUI/bottom-settings (more CSS, less JS)
    • rh and temp overlays now go up to FL450˚
    • We are Hiring focused on CZ, UA, RU, SK
    • Added links for Android Download to tools and index
    • Added to repo

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