Lat/Lon on marker pin vanished?

  • Was lat/lon ever displayed on the marker pin? When you click the map, the pin appears that shows the forecast conditions, as well as a link to pull up the table forecast.

    Someone I know swears they saw latitude and longitude info on this pin that would update when you dragged it to a new location, but now this appears to be missing. I myself can't recall if this was ever true, because I don't use it the same way he does. The only way I can view the pin's new coordinates is to have the forecast table open so that it updates in the search bar, but this isn't optimal because then the interface only moves in increments of 12hrs.

  • Administrator

    @MeteoMike686 It is in the settings

  • Ah, you are correct. I even looked at settings and didn't even see it! I feel dumb now.

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