• During a time I was using your app, I decided to give time for myself for these suggestions:

    1. save multiple color scales of different types (Scale A: blue to purple, Scale B: green to red)
    2. change the playback speed of the slider bar
    3. add a guide map for a place you are searching (e.g. New York; you'll be given a map of which New York you are finding, just like Meteoblue)
    4. new overlays like
      PoP (Probability of Precip.)
      Heat Index
      Climate Maps (like those on Tropical Tidbits)
    5. new tropical cyclone section with important data for cyclone tracking like forecast and ensemble tracks, rainfall accumulation, wind swath, rain swath,...
    6. better data display (graphs) for overlays like pressure, humidity,... And best if it is included in the table/ meteogram forecast and choose the overlays you wanted displayed on the forecast
    7. Reducing the hours (like Windguru) you would want for your forecast
    8. "Land overlay overlap" (The rain accumulation, for example, can only be overlapped on land, not on water, to avoid confusion)
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