Awesome website, service and forum ever seen !

  • Hi all ! My team of sailor and I are quite new @Windytv, but I must say that it rocks as hell !!! It's just the best solution I've ever seen !

    My team would link to use the same community tools that you are using here.

    Would you be so kind to let us know what is the name of the solution?

    We do thank you in advance for your help !

  • Global Moderator

    @zatsdone Hi, thank you a lot! We are pleased to hear that!

    the forum solution is NodeBB, see it here

  • Hi @TomSlavkovsky !

    Thanks for such a prompt answer !

    You know what, I know for a matter of fact that our little community will use your service by next month ! We are preparing events and all of the sailor guys will be astonished by your app !

    Please keep up the good work! It's just awesome !!

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