Marked point does not stay locked to map position

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    Hi, I hate to complain, Windyty is such an awesome tool. The latest version of the app has a bug, when touching a point on the map to see the speed and direction, when the map is zoomed or moved, the point does not move with the map. It seems to stay at the same point on the screen, instead of moving with the map.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow 6.0.1.

    Thanks for checking on this. Previous versions did not have the bug. I do like being able to pick the model on the new version!!

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    We know that. That is behaviour of map library we use.

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    @ivo Thanks for the quick reply.

    But the browser versions don't exhibit this behavior, neither did the previous version of the Android app.

    Would you consider changing the code so that the marked point vanishes when the map is moved? It's not really useful to have the marked point on some arbitrary spot on the map after the map is moved.

    I love this software, would gladly pay for it!

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    @stevecrye This is maybe third complain about this. I will look what I can do. Some mobile phone have so small display that there is not possible to invent anything.

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