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    I did some research and found the National Weather Service (NWS) produces severe weather data in ATOM and CAP format as well as a RSS feed. You can find information on https://alerts.weather.gov. It's been awhile since I did any kind of website programming so most of this was over my head. This information would likely be limited to warnings in the USA and not worldwide. There may be some information regarding hurricanes/typhoons and tsunamis. I hope this helps.


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    RSS feed is fine. Please check the source if we can work on these data in machine way without user input. If there is some good format like XML, JSON including coordinates

    This is definetly good idea

    I have to finish some features (1-2months) that will make Windy again a little bit faster.

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    Hi Ivo,

    Sorry for the delay following up on the severe weather alerts suggestion but I am home recuperating from a hospital stay now. Nothing serious only chronic.

    I have been trying to understand what the National Weather Service (NWS) RSS feed means and I don’t understand what information you would need so you can add NWS watches and warnings to Windy. My understanding of what the NWS sends is a coded line in XML format which you can use to post the watch and warning boxes. Then again I don’t know what XML actually looks like, ha ha.

    For example, here is a current Tornado Watch posting:

    NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-MD12584F8E89EC.TornadoWatch.12584F8F8DB0MD.WNSWOU4.ab8b0142eb0fc54c4d7ea9d21aa1fe52 from w-nws.webmaster@noaa.gov

    Is this XML? Is this useful for creating an image on Windy? There usually is a long list of statements, watches and warnings on https://alerts.weather.gov/cap/us.php?x=1 but most of them would not be worthy of displaying on Windy. I would think that Tornado Watches and Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Warning and perhaps Flash Flood Warning could be displayed. That would mean you would need to write code to filter out other types of statements listed on the alert web page. There are Flood Warnings, Rip Current Warnings & Special Weather Statements which often contain Marine Weather or High Surf/Coastal Waters Warnings also.

    A typical Severe Weather Map looks like:

    The Legend is:

    What I need to know first is whether the Message above is XML and if not could you give me an example of XML so I can research more for you.

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    Hi Jim

    Your help is much appreciated.

    I have asked @TomSlavkovsky to look at the similar alerts in Europe. Will be good feature.

    Right now we have to set up priorities somehow.

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    Oops, sorry. I forgot to add the link as a lick. The list of current Watches & Warnings is at:

    NWS Watches & Warnings


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    Yep it is in machine readable format and would be easy to read

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    Hi Diego. We are about to start do this Warning feature. Can you check the NOAA servers for us if there is some aggregate page with all valid warnings for US?

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    Oops! I forgot that I was supposed to get this information to you earlier but as they say, better late than never. The US National Weather Service (NWS) has a lot of free data and your first task will be to learn what is available and what is important for Windy to display. The NWS publishes their watches, warnings and special statements by County and there are thousands of Counties in the US. I think the information you are looking for is:

    The NWS RRS feeds not only include severe weather but also world-wide tsunami information, hydrology reports, fire weather forecasts, storm reports and much more. So filtering out which ones you want on Windy will be a lot of work. If I was in the eastern portion of the US, flood and other severe storm warnings would be most important due to Tropical Storm Cindy. But I’m on the US west coast so today I am interested in fire weather reports and information about our unprecedented early heat wave. FWI: While I live closer to the Pacific coast and the cool Pacific water temps (around 60F or 15C) moderate my air temperature, less than 100 miles east of me (160 km) areas are experiencing incredible heat sometimes exceeding the all time record high temperature ever recorded in a location. For the last week, areas have been experiencing 120F to 125F temperatures daily (48C to 52C). There is no relief in sight. I mention all of this to explain that deciding what and what not to publish on Windy will be a chore.

    I usually have time daily to research things like this so if you need more, just ask. I won’t always understand what the data means (I don’t know XML - yet) but I can research find websites which may be helpful to you. I’m suffering from some health issues and am basically living in a nursing facility so having something to do is actually helpful to me and my state of mind. Just ask and I will try my best to help. I used to have my own weather station and a fairly sophisticated website displaying all sorts of weather information and you and Windy have stirred my interested in making a website again.

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    My apologies that once I start writing (above), I sometimes go overboard trying to give you everything you want and then some. lol

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    @JimInSanDiego Ohhhh thanks for a help. This is highly appreciated

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