• The latest version of Windytv seems to be drastically worse than the previous versions in many ways. But the one major issue that really aggravates me and has me using the site less and less is the webcam links missing.

    I know that the webcams are visible but there is no links to view them in greater detail. Only a basic URL of webcams.travel in it's place. Which is next to useless.

    It seems that this was in part a change from previous versions which used https://www.lookr.com/ to http://www.webcams.travel/ .

    Lookr is far superior and is not covered in nearly as much ads or click bait as webcams.travel.

    Please revert the webcams back to the previous version with links to the Lookr webcams page.

  • Administrator

    Yes that is bug in v10.54, will be fixed in next release

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