Mismatching data

  • When I check the wind gust on the picker and on the map, it sometimes varies vastly unless you move the map with a finger.

    Here is the picture. The value on the map shows ~10 kph and the picker shows 40 kph. This also happens to other params like humidity and rainfall accumulation.


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    The picker shows the FORECASTED wind for Wednesday (40km/h).
    The indication (10km/h) on the map is the OBSERVED (actual - near realtime) wind, reported by a meteorological station.

    P.S. If the time of the forecast chart is set to now (orange on the time slide bar), the two indications must be similar. It is a way to check the accuracy of the forecast model. Do not expect high accuracy over rough terrain, even the best models have limitations!

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    @meteo-GR Unfortunatelly this really seems like a bug, because the label content is switched to "Forecasted weather" in the screenshot, so the values shoud be same.
    @Siony-Mario Does it get corrected when you move the map or refresh web page?

  • Moderator

    @TZ you are right!
    @Siony-Mario does is gets better when you zoom on the map?
    Maybe in this location there is a steep wind gradient and the indications differ strongly even for short distances (always keep in mind the model's resolution).

  • @TZ @meteo-GR
    TZ and Meteo-Gr, the error is solved once you move and /or zoom the map. TZ, It also applies to other parameters (I'm talking about the bug).

  • Administrator

    Yep the labels are updated when something happen in a map. Too lazy do do something more sophisticated

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