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    Hey! First, Windytv is now my favorite website on the internet!!! I am an atmospheric scientist and pilot who puts his surfboard, skies, and fishing gear in his plane, so you can see you've pretty much nailed my life's needs all in one!!!

    Question: I have the Windyty app for Android, and not all the layers available in a desktop browser are available in the app. The main layer I used that is missing is 'Cloud Base'. That layer is critical for pilots.

    App aside, your mobile version in the Firefox browser on my Android works great (with a few minor bugs), and has all the layers. Perhaps you should just scrap the App, and go with mobile browser development. If so, you should add a favicon to windytv.com, so when people save the website to their desktop, it's got your great logo!

    Keep truckin'. I love this site!!!

    Cheers, Larry

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    WOW the layers should be there. What version of app do you have? Send us screenshot of app.

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    Duh. I updated, and now have all the layers. I was on 1.03.


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