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  • Pilot

    I've noticed the questions regarding API issues are spread throughout the forum basically across all different threads. I'd love a separate thread specifically for API-only related topics blatantly called something like "API Discussion" where dudes and dudettes can ask questions and bring up issues or show off the work they've done while working with the API. A central, quarantined location where people can post what works and what doesn't. Since there's no formal support for the API the best way we can help each other and learn is to have a central location/thread where we can all congregate and talk amongst ourselves.

    I'm a fighter pilot in the US air force by trade, but in my free time I work on an app specific to our working airspace and divert bases. Not being a professional developer naturally lends itself to encountering issues that I'm sure others have probably figured out, and I may have figured out things others haven't. I think a thread specific to API users would be beneficial for increasing everyone's knowledge on development and propagation of windytv

    ps. i take every opportunity to tell all my bros at the squadron about windytv, they all love it- makes weather considerations during mission planning so much easier, especially when we fight over the ocean. thanks for your beautiful work

  • Administrator

    @vapor New API discussion created, thank you for suggestion!

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