Windytv Alpboys are killing it

  • We are proud to announce that Windy rider Jonas Lengwiler took the first place in Men Snowboard category of the year's hardest snowkiting race, Red Bull Ragnarok. Congrats, Jonas!


    2017 Red Bull Ragnarok Top 3

    Men Ski

    1. Felix Kersten (Germany)
    2. Bruce Kessler (Switzerland)
    3. Dominik Zimmermann (Germany)

    Men Snowboard

    1. Jonas Lengwiler (Switzerland)
    2. Sigve Botnen (Norway)
    3. Miroslav Schutz (Czech Republic)

    Women Ski

    1. Stephanie Bridge (Great Britain)
    2. Camilla Ringvold (Norway)
    3. Camilla Nore (Norway)

    Women Snowboard

    1. Aija Ambrasa (Latvia)
    2. Iris Straume (Norway)
    3. Marie-Eve Mayrand (Canada)

    World Champions VAKE 2017

    Few days later, together with with Florian Gruber as Windy Alpboys team, they also took the first place in VAKE 2017. Guys, you are killing it!


    More pics on Windy's page on Facebook.

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