• Important technological changes that formed Windyty client so far:

    [version 10.x]

    • Completely new JS renderer
    • native iOS, Android App abandoned in favor of developement them in Apache Cordova

    [version 8.x]

    • Added ECMWF as default model
    • New responsive mobile version

    [version 7.x]

    • Added weather stations, graphs based on d3 lib

    [version 5.x - 6.x]

    • "3D globe view" based on D3 library. In fact it is still 2D view that looks like 3d.

    [version 5.0]

    • Whole Windyty was refactored from previously used Angular JS 1.6.x to pure and native Javascript.
    • Introduced system of lazy loaded plugins based on Riot JS 2.x.x

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