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    • The app feels quite sluggish on some screens (especially when switching between "airport detail" pages)
    • Sometimes, the back arrow doesn't work when on one of the "airport detail" screens (maybe a layering issue, as the magnifying glass appears for a split second when the tapping finally works?)
    • I preferred the previous behaviour when selecting an airport from the search autocomplete (first centering the map display and offering a small preview box in the upper half of the screen, giving the option to switch to a full details view, IIRC)
    • Some page elements behave quite erratically/jittery (JavaScript-based element re-positioning?)
    • I liked the non-popup-menu method of selecting display/forecast model a bit better

    But in general, it's simply an amazing app/service -- thanks so much for your efforts!

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    @xchl Are you referring v10.55 vs v10.44?

    Check this please https://community.windytv.com/topic/3657/changelog-md-client

    I will check what I can myself. Well I also liked non pop-up method but explain it to iPhone5 user.


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    Yes, v10.55 vs v10.44.

    As it's not possible to directly compare iOS app versions, I'm almost certainly mis-remembering some things. For example, I may have mixed up the airport-from-autocomplete behaviour w/ what the "show 7 day weather at startup" option does. Apologies in advance!

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    After a week or so of use, those are the most annoying issues:

    • When tapping on a favorite that's also an airport, it seems completely random whether the airport detail screen or the weather forecast box opens. I'd much prefer to have consistent behaviour between all locations (i.e. open weather forecast/meteogram etc. box first, jump to airport detail manually from that box); as an aside, it's really hard to switch to the airport detail screen in those cases (I usually have to re-try ~5 times ...).
    • The airport detail screens just don't "feel" right (e.g. non-native page switch behaviour; compare w/ the iOS home screen, for example).
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    Issue 1: I know it. Will fix in some time

    Issue 2: iOS app is not native. It is just browser and JS and HTML. We do not have resources to dev native apps.

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    @ivo Thanks a lot, Ivo! And again: It's an amazing application, I use it ~10 times a day ;-)

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