Water Vapor Loop, Hurricane season

  • How about a Water Vapor layer.
    Usually shows Orange for dry and green for humid.
    I live in Louisiana and during hurricane season this is an important piece of info.
    thanks for a great site.

  • Moderator

    Do you mean WV from satellite images?

  • Yes. From satellite I'm sure.
    The local weathercast usually shows
    a water vapor loop similar to the radar loop.
    not sure of the altitude of the WV loop.
    Hurricanes weaken or die when entering dry air,
    You can wee what they are headed into...
    and start worrying or not!

  • Moderator

    Satellite images are not in certain altitude. They are images from 36.000 km.
    WV sat. images show the real time structure of WV in the atmosphere. They're not forecast products.
    Windytv depicts forecast fields of clouds, rain, wind, rel. hum etc

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